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"The Agile, Skimming Tree Swallow" - Best in Show and 1st Place Contest WinnerPainted Bunting - MaleGreat-Crested FlycatcherEastern Phoebe"Raspberry Dipped Finch" -  Male Purple Finch"Hello Big World!" - Juried Exhibit Finalist - Fledging Eastern Bluebird"Gathering Silk" -Female American Goldfinch"Painted with Primary Colors" - Male Painted Bunting"Bird of Many Colors" - Male Painted BuntingEastern Wood-PeweeWhite-eyed VireoPine WarblerAmerican Goldfinch -MaleChipping SparrowPosing Chipping SparrowCarolina ChickadeeCarolina ChickadeeCardinal - MaleCardinal - MaleCardinal - Male