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Majestic Landing - Bald EagleBald EagleRegal River Watch - Bald Eagle"When Fish Fly" - Juvenile Bald Eagles chasing a dropped fishJuvenile Bald Eagle with the Catch of the DaySparring Juvenile Bald EaglesJuvenile Bald EagleJuvenile Bald EagleNew Day's Dawn - Award Winner - Barred OwlHere's Looking at you!" - Barred OwlNew Day's Dawn - Award Winner - Barred Owl"So, Who, Who are you?" - Barred OwlBarred Owl"Who, Who Cooks for You?" - Barred OwlMother Barred Owl Bringing Breakfast to OwletsGreat Horned Owl and OwletsHawk Eyes - Red-Tailed HawkNorthern HarrierHovering Over the Amber Waves - Northern Harrier