JT Cash Photography is a husband and wife team capturing images and memorable, unique moments in time with hopes of inspiring a greater appreciation, awareness, and stewardship for the infinite wonders our world has to offer. We are Jimmy and Tammy Cash and as you see from our images we have a “focused” emphasis on nature, wildlife, conservation, landscape, seascape, and pet photography. This emphasis “naturally” made sense when we combined our life-long love of nature, preservation and outdoor activities with our growing aspirations in art of photography.

With a desire to experience nature more, as well as to further our knowledge and experiences in the art of photography, being high on our bucket lists, we retired from our long-time careers in 2016 and dove into the world of nature photography. Initially emphasizing on landscape and conservation, we quickly advanced to wildlife, where we found intimately, yet unobtrusively, watching and photographing magnificent animals in their natural habitat to be most inspirational and challenging--whether it be mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, insects, and more. In order to share a visual story and bring you into their wondrous and uninhibited world, we spend time studying the lives and behaviors of our subjects. There is nothing much more rewarding than capturing fascinating and unique moments in the life of an animal in its environment.

Photography continuously brings us great joy, challenges us, offers never-ending learning, and most importantly has enhanced our sense of sight. As the late photographer Dorothea Lange wrote, “The camera is an instrument that teaches people how to see without a camera.”, this could not be a more true statement for us. We now literally SEE nature and the wonders of our world, not just with a more artistic view, but in a much more appreciative light. Being behind the lens teaches one to have much wider and deeper perception. It has renewed our desire to continually educate ourselves and gifted us with a greater awareness of our natural environment and its fragility. Photography and outdoor exploration has given us some of the most magical and memorable moments of our lives, as well as an avenue in which to capture fleeting moments in time to hold forever and share with others. Through sharing, our hope is to inspire in others a much greater interest in and appreciation for nature and the infinite wonders that our planet has to offer, a heightened awareness of its fragility, and to encourage conservation and preservation actions.

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Our Mission with our images is:  

  • To tell a story to help preserve the beauty and wonders of the natural world in which we live. 
  • To motivate others to escape the rush and be in the outdoors more often to enjoy the infinite wonders of nature. 
  • To inspire others to take impactful photos and/or to take action to help conserve our natural world for many generations to experience far into the future.


Our main photography interests include:

Nature, Wildlife, Landscape, Seascape, Conservation and Fine Art. We also have photography interest in: Pets & Domestic Animals, Monochrome/Black & White, Night/Astro, Cityscape , Macro, Travel, Sports, Events, Historic Sites, Recollections of Yesteryear, Architectural, Real Estate, Vintage, Adventure, Sports, Abstract, Advertising, Commercial, Food, Product, Documentary, Photojournalism, Scientific, and more.

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